Blum Natural Botanical Elixir Uplift Blend

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Uplift Blend 



rose, hibiscus, 
& yerba mate


awakens the soul


Is Elegant & Uplifting  

Raising The Social Bar For Non & Light Drinkers

 Sophisticated, Alcohol Free, Botanical Elixirs

 Served Chilled in A Wine or Cocktail Glass.

 Brewed Herbals,Filtered Water, Organic Hibiscus,

Organic Rose, Organic Calendula, Organic Yerba Mate,

 Sugar, White Grape Juice,

Fruit and Vegetable Juice,( For Color)

 Prickly Pear Extract, L-Theanine Made with only 2% Juice.

 35 Calories Per 5% Serving. 9 gm sugar 

NO Artificial Anything!

*Bees & Brains 

A Portion of the proceeds will be donated

to The Bees & Brains foundation in Preservation of 

bees and traumatic Brain Injury Research!